This is an archived copy of the old 'Amityville Truth' website from 2003 - the precursor of George Lutz' official Amityville Horror site. Some slight alterations have been made and some new material has been added.
  The Amityville Haunting: An Interview With George Lutz
George Lutz discusses the horrifying events that occurred to him and his family during their 28 day stay in the infamous Amityville House.

The Weber Contract

William Weber calls the haunting a sham. He is frequently described as the man who "confessed" the haunting was a hoax. But is that really accurate? Find out in this article written by Dan Nolte, which examines the relationship between the Lutzes and William Weber (defense attorney for Ronnie DeFeo, the man who killed his family in the Amityville house a year before it was purchased by the Lutzes).

  Shadoe Steele Presents: The Amityville Slayings
Acclaimed radio host Shadoe Steele explores the Amityville legend. This two volume CD set contains exclusive interviews with George Lutz, Tracey Defeo, Hans Holzer, Lorraine Warren, Laura DiDio and Mary Pascarella Downey.

  NewsDay Photograph: The Amityville Horror House

In Dallas, Texas, while Attending HauntCon 2005, Mr. John Clontz of the Deadly Shoals Haunted Trail was reviewing a few historic photographs, including this one, taken of the Amityville house just days after the DeFeo murders went down. Something in this picture caught his eye.  

Is there more here than just a photograph of the notorious house? All we ask is that you examine it for yourelf.

  George Lutz Files Suit In LA County Superior Court

Mr. Lutz has filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming he's been libeled by the recent movie remake of "The Amityville Horror." Lutz filed suit June 10th, against Dimension Films, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and others, including two screen writers.

PDF document - Complaint For Libel, Breach Of Contract

L.A. Times article, "Amityville Remake Disturbs His Spirits"

  Zanesville Times Recorder Prints Retraction

In the April 21 edition of the Times Recorder, an article entitled, "The horror! 'Amityville' has no true story, no true tension," incorrectly stated that "that family that the original book is based on has admitted that their story was a hoax." On April 28, the Times Recorder issued a correction. [links dead]    

Original Times Recorder Article    

Zanesville Times Recorder Correction

  George Lutz On MagickMind Radio

Mr. George Lutz recently appeared on MagickMind radio, discussing some of the unusual photographic anomalies that have appeared in photographs of the house on Ocean Ave. Click on the link to be taken to their site where you can hear the interview in their archives section.

  MovieWeb Talks With George Lutz
Jodie doesn't like George... and neither does MGM.  Among other things, this interview discusses a few 'surprises' held within the framework of the new Amityville Horror remake [2005]. Trust us, though, it won't ruin your enjoyment any more or any less if you read this article first. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do read this interview before buying a ticket.

  The Amityville Conflict: An Interview With Dan Farrands
Ryan Rotten from sits down for an interview with Dan Farrands, to discuss his account of the events leading up to the 2005 'Amityville Horror' motion picture remake.  An important article!
  Amityville Chat Every Thursday!
Join the gang every Thursday night at 9pm (Eastern) in our Chat Room for discussions of all things Amityville! You never know who might join in...

  Reinvestigating The Flip Flop
An article written by Sherbetbizarre that explores Ric Osuna's strange transformation from a pro-haunting believer, to a hardened skeptic that cries 'hoax'!

  The Bloody Shoe Photograph
Some claim this crime scene photograph is evidence that the DeFeos were awake at the time of their deaths -- not shot in their beds. But what does it really show? This new analysis questions if the photograph was even taken inside the DeFeo house.

  Ebay Auction: Butch's Letters
A 2001 Ebay auction where the supposed son of Ronnie DeFeo (or so he claims) tried to make money off of letters between Ronnie Defeo and his wife.

  New Document
Geraldine Gates claims she married killer Ronnie DeFeo in 1974. This official document verifies that there is no record of their marriage in 1974. More in a growing pile of evidence showing Ric Osuna's star witness to be a fraud.

  The Lou Gentile Letter

Radio talk show host Lou Gentile contacted Ronald DeFeo Jr. in prison concerning the murders, and Ric Osuna's claims.  

Ronald DeFeo Jr. wrote Lou Gentile back, and here is the transcribed letter.

  Long Island Voice Article
'Long Island Voice' article from 1999 featuring an article on the 25th anniversary of the DeFeo murders (and the later haunting). On Page 3, Ric Osuna is quoted as saying he has proof 'that the house is truly haunted.' Less than a year later, Ric would be telling people he had proof that it was all a hoax.
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  Letter To Kathy Lutz

A scanned letter from Ric Osuna to Kathy Lutz sent just months before Ric's flip flop. Really illustrates just how sudden Ric's change of heart took place. 

The letter contains information concerning Ric's involvement in representing Kathy and George's movie rights.

  The Seventh Body

Does this photograph show a mysterious 7th victim in the DeFeo home? Some think so, claiming this is evidence of misconduct by the police who framed Ronnie DeFeo for the slaughter of his own family.

But like the 'Bloody Shoe Photograph mentioned above, here we present evidence that this photograph seems to have come from an entirely different crime scene. WARNING: Page contains a graphic photo of a dead child.

  The Warrens Investigate: The Amityville Horror
Ed and Lorraine Warren have been helping people to understand, cope with and overcome violent hauntings since the 1940's.  They were the principal investigators called into the Amityville home, and their website has fascinating information regarding the haunting that occurred at Amityville.