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The "Bloody Shoe Photo" was included in Ric Osuna's book "The Night the DeFeos Died" and presented as evidence that the DeFeo family was awake at the time of their murders (going against the accepted notion that the family members were shot & killed in their beds). But was this one of the many crime scene photos taken by the police that night -- or did it come from a completely different crime scene altogether? Is this possibly just a ploy by Ric Osuna to drum up some controversy in order to make a 1974 murder case more relevant (and to help sales of his book)? Maxwell examined the photograph in an effort to determine if it was taken in the DeFeo house, as Ric Osuna claims.


By Maxwell

Here is part of the infamous "bloody shoe picture":

•note how low the baseboard is

The black shoe actually rises above the baseboard.

Here are comparative pictures of baseboards from the DeFeo home: foyer (first floor), Allison's room (second floor), and Dawn's room (third floor).


•these baseboards are clearly much higher than the one depicted in the "bloody shoe picture"

To illustrate further, here is a picture from Dawn's room that shows shoes in close proximity to a baseboard.

In all three editions of The Night The DeFeos Died, there is no reference as to where this "bloody shoe picture" was taken. I have heard claims that it was taken in a closet in Dawn's room. Dawn's room had five closets -- one traditional closet and four doors that led into the attic. Here is a picture of the closet from the second floor TV room.

• as you can see, the closet baseboards are consistent with the rest of the rooms in the house

Since the high baseboards are consistent on all three floors, as well as into the closets, I believe it would be safe to say that the "bloody shoe picture" could not have come from the traditional closet in Dawn's room. The only possibility left is that it came from one of the four "attic closets" -- one of these was blocked by a table, so it's actually down to three.

Here is a picture of one of the "attic closets" from Ronnie's room:

To me, it seems unlikely that any of these "attic closets" would have been carpeted, and finished with baseboards. And even if they were, why wouldn't the same type (or at least size) baseboard have been used to match the baseboards throughout the house?

The "bloody shoe picture" depicts blood on the shoes, as well as the surrounding carpeting. If the picture truly did come from a closet in Dawn's room, why wasn't there blood found leading to the closet?

Furthermore, wouldn't the police have taken the shoes for evidence? They took the ashtray contents from the front porch, they took a glass from the master bedroom, they took bowls and spoons from the master bedroom -- but they left bloody shoes found in a closet?


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