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Victoria Principles
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Re: House for sell 2016

Post by Victoria Principles » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:44 am

underthegarden wrote:
Victoria Principles wrote:
reece86 wrote:I'm very surprised a fan has never purchased this house, would have been nice because maybe all the changes to the exterior might now have happened ;)

Amityville only wants locals to get it. Thank god most fans are too poor to buy it.
Most of America is too poor/too middle class to buy that house. Actually, home ownership is at record lows (over past 5 decades) due to higher housing costs and stagnant wages.

Well, we don't know who bought it yet. Maybe it was a fan (or secret fan). I'd like to think the buyer has more of passing interest in the house's history and lore. Though reports of the sale have made it to many news outlets, buyer's identity has (oddly) not been referenced anywhere. Guess news organizations don't care enough to dig any deeper than "it was sold."

The house was sold to a family with kids. The media is going to protect the family.

Brooke Forrester
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Re: House for sell 2016

Post by Brooke Forrester » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:16 am

That's nice it sold to a family with kids! It's a big house and should be filled with a lot of people. I think it'll make a happy home.

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