Moonville, Ohio (October 2016)

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Moonville, Ohio (October 2016)

Post by KevinW » Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:51 pm

Last fall on Wednesday, October 12th, I made my fourth trip to the abandoned mining town of Moonville, Ohio.

This is the drive to Moonville and the cemetery with stops along the way at the locations that had been three railroad crossings along the route west of the town.

I then did an EVP sweep and walkthrough of the cemetery, finding a grave I hadn't seen on my previous visits. I then drove back down to Moonville.

I then took a look around what is left of Moonville and then took a walk down the trail eastward across Raccoon Creek, through the tunnel, and to the remains of the bridge east of the tunnel. On the way east on the trail, I shot video the entire way, taking pictures on the way back.

After a quick bite to eat back at the Jeep, I went back to the tunnel to shoot video and pictures through the evening. At one point, several other visitors came through, and the one lady caught an interesting picture on her cell phone.

And this is the drive home with me giving some thoughts on the trip as well as talking about my experiences with the paranormal.

If you're wondering more about the history of this area, check out my documentary Moonville: A Portal To The Past.

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