Comparisons Of Creatures Whose Blood Was Shed In The Remake

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Comparisons Of Creatures Whose Blood Was Shed In The Remake

Postby Troodon Roar » Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:26 pm

While watching the remake of The Amityville Horror film, I noticed that many creatures had their blood shed on-screen. These included one dog and several humans. Here, just for fun, I will classify all of the organisms who shed blood at 112 (or 412 in this particular movie) Ocean Avenue, and deduce what this entailed for the physiological and cellular composition and structure of their blood that they shed.

We start with the DeFeos, notably Jodie DeFeo, based upon the real-life Allison DeFeo, whose blood features prominently when Lisa is trapped in the closet and Jodie grabs the latter's finger and sticks it into the bleeding bullet wound in her forehead. Jodie DeFeo is a human, Homo sapiens sapiens, a mammal belonging to the order Primates in the group Euarchontoglires, which includes rodents, lagomorphs (such as rabbits, hares, and pikas), and tree shrews, as well as primates. She is of European descent, and is a juvenile female. Her hair is about mid-back length, proportionately, and her blood likely contained enucleated red blood cells, as she was a mammal, and white blood cells containing two X chromosomes (XX) and no Y chromosome, as she was female. Jodie hails from the Era of New Animals, when humans were aware of dinosaurs.

Next up is Reverend Jeremiah Ketcham, based upon the real-life John Ketcham, who slits his own throat with a knife at the film's climax, spraying George Lutz's face with his blood. Like Jodie, Ketcham is a human, Homo sapiens sapiens, a mammal in the order Primates, clade Euarchontoglires, and class Mammalia. He is of European descent, like Jodie, but unlike her, is an adult male. While his hair seems to be around shoulder-length in the picture of him in the book that Kathy Lutz reads at the library, when his ghost appeared to George, his hair seemed to be a bit longer, at around mid-back length. Comparing the length of his hair to Jodie DeFeo's, proportionately, in comparison with the rest of their bodies, it seems to be about the same. However, as Ketcham's body is so much larger, overall, than Jodie's, as he died when he was an adult, and she died when she was a child, it may very well be that Reverend Ketcham's hair is, in absolute length, longer. Whether or not he has facial hair is uncertain. As he was a mammal, the red blood cells in the blood he shed likely were enucleated, as well, and, since he was male, the white blood cells in the blood he shed contained one X chromosome, as well as one Y chromosome (XY). Ketcham, unlike Jodie, hails from the Era of Classic Animals, when humans were unaware of dinosaurs.

We have several Native Americans whom were tortured and killed by Ketcham. These perhaps have the longest hair of all, both proportionately and in absolute length, of anyone in the film. All appear to have been male, and, obviously, are of North American descent. They are also Homo sapiens sapiens, a species of the order Primates in the group Euarchontoglires in the class of Mammals, and, likewise, their red blood cells would lack nuclei (enucleate), and their male sex would be betrayed by the XY chromosomal arrangement in the nuclei of their white blood cells. These Native American men are all also, like Ketcham, from the Era of Classic Animals, when dinosaurs were still unknown to humans.

Finally, we have Harry, who is tragically bludgeoned to death with an axe by George Lutz after the latter mistook him for a wayward human ghost in the boathouse. Harry is our outlier, being a Domestic Dog, Canis lupus familiaris, belonging to the Order Carnivora (as opposed to Primates), the clade Laurasiatheria (as opposed to Euarchontoglires), and the class Mammalia. As he is a mammal, his red blood cells are also enucleated, and, as he was male, and dogs utilize the same chromosomal sex determination system as humans, the nuclei of his white blood cells contained one X chromosome, as well as one Y chromosome (XY). Harry, like Jodie, hails from the Era of New Animals, in which humans were aware of dinosaurs.

It would have been awesome if a reptile or a bird had been thrown into there, as well. But, alas, all blood shed at Amityville during the Lutz incident in this film was mammalian.
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