St. Joseph''s Oratory - Montreal, Quebec

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St. Joseph''s Oratory - Montreal, Quebec

Post by Brendan72 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:09 pm

While listening to the first episode of the Amityville Week 2002 on the Lou Gentile Show that while listening to Lorraine Warren speaking I picked up something interesting that she mentioned in relation to the death of Ed Warren’s mother:
“Ed's mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer twenty-two years before with six months to live. We had gone to a shrine in Montreal Canada to pray for a speedy recovery or happy death for his mother.”
It was then revealed soon after this Ed and Lorraine found out that his mother had passed away. The particular relevance of this occurrence as it related to Amityville is that it happened around November 13th, 1974 and on the death certificate was indicated that her death occurred at 3:15am, the estimated time of the DeFeo murders. Given this occurred a good two years prior to the Warren’s involvement with Amityville it was interesting to mention particularly since there were so many other coincidences tied in with the case. Although some of these connections (or coincidences) can be explained away on a somewhat logical level, although the date can be explained away as a particular noteworthy coincidence however the reasons for explaining away the time is not so easy.

I am not suggesting that the coincidence is the work of a universally ordained pattern influenced by an unseen force. Depending on your spiritual belief it may be the case however even from a scientific (and analytical) standpoint where absolutes are more prevalent as opposed to a faith-based belief these facts cannot be dismissed.

Even though the connection with his mother in relation to the time and date of her death is well known a second and interesting factor which I particularly wanted to mention was the Warren’s location at the time being the “shrine in Montreal”. I mention this because it is not the first time a shrine in Montreal has been referenced assuming it is the same one – however I am almost certain that it is in fact St Joseph’s Oratory located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It has been said that Ronald DeFeo Jr had visited this shrine and had obtained the religious statuary located in the yard at 112 Ocean Avenue (seen in the many photographs taken at the crime scene) from St Joseph’s shrine. According to Ed Warren in the History’s Mysteries interview in 2000 that Mr. DeFeo had visited the shrine shortly after a near death incident between Butch and himself where his son got a rifle out and when pulling the trigger it misfired or jammed. According to Ed Warren

it was this incident that had influenced him to realise that some divine intervention occurred prompting the St Joseph’s visit.
Of course this might not mean anything of significance given the DeFeo’s were Catholic (and Ed Warren is also Catholic) hence the visit to St Joseph’s. Not being Catholic myself I do not know whether the shrine is a popular visiting site for Catholics although given the significance I can safely assume it might be. Reading it on Wikipedia St Joseph’s is a ‘Roman Catholic minor basilica and national shrine’ which is ‘Canada's largest church and the twenty-seventh largest church building in the world’. On this information it is quite possible it is a popular visiting site for devout Catholics (even for non-Catholics), so the connection could be perhaps discounted based on the faith connection.

It is noteworthy to mention in the Ed Warren interview that ‘from the information he learned (presumably from St Joseph’s or another contact in the Catholic church) of Mr DeFeo’s visit to St Joseph’s after the rifle misfire incident.

I am not sure as to the degree of significance regarding this connection, however as with other pieces of information when discovered is particularly noteworthy.
- Brendan72

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Re: St. Joseph''s Oratory - Montreal, Quebec

Post by DC Fan » Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:15 pm

Brendan72 wrote: I do not know whether the shrine is a popular visiting site for Catholics although given the significance I can safely assume it might be.
It is among French Canadians and I would assume it very likely that priests at least in the north east US would know about it. The belief that requests there for miracles will more likely be granted however is not as popular today.

It is one of the major tourist attractions in the area and based on experience I would recommend a visit there to those of any faith or no faith. As for Wikipedia, I don't think it's the largest church even in the city if we only count the alter and pew area used for masses. Really it is a church and museum in one.

Coincidences? Yeah probably. Ed Warren and Ron Sr. still only make a total of two people. For me, I think I need more than two persons or more events to conclude that the total of the "coincidences" indicates that it must be something more than that.

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