Toms River Filming Locations

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Re: Toms River Filming Locations

Post by Amity108 » Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:01 am

postcardguy wrote:Here is an old 50s ad and photo of Reynolds Tavern in Toms River with exact location.... ... 152&type=1

Hope this helps...Kevin NJ
Sweet! Thanks for the link!
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Re: Toms River Filming Locations

Post by Genursus » Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:16 am

I'm originally from Toms River and watched a bit of the filming as a kid. I couldn't see much. Just the outside of the house and the 'rain' and 'lightning'. Didn't even see any cameras and couldn't really get much closer.

My father saw much more of the filming. He was a volunteer firefighter in Toms River and was the first to be contacted about help providing the 'rain' for the movie. He drove with the special FX guy, showing him around town, in the very car seen in the movie that crashes after the roof flies up.

There are two volunteer fire companies in Toms River. Somehow, the other TR fire company actually ended up providing the rain thereby ending my father's brief involvement with the movie. Still unsure how that happened.

I tried to get on the movie as an extra with my brothers, but we were never contacted.

I did see the movie when it premiered at the Dover Theater in Toms River (now demolished. Saw a lot of 'classic' movies there actually). I remember lots of laughs at the various familiar locations on screen as they were recognized by the audience.

Cool to see Toms River in a major movie back then.

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