Questions re: George's 2018 video, incl. Kathy's quilt issue

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Questions re: George's 2018 video, incl. Kathy's quilt issue

Post by jecht » Fri Dec 06, 2019 8:57 am

Hi all,

I've been away but have followed AH for awhile now. I sometimes have dreams of the house and I wake up from them, like I want the house to disappear but I'm trapped inside of it. I am mostly pro-believer, but not entirely.


I saw this video and there are some questions I have I've never seen addressed here before:

1) Why was the house painted differently on the back at 0:09? (facing the boathouse).

2) The statuary I am familiar with (re: Ron Sr. putting them in a month before the murders). However, why did the Lutzes remove them? About 1:00 into the video.

3) On 3/6/76, there was a seance held as everyone knows. What's the deal with Dr. Osis and Dr. Tenhouse levitating 2 feet off the ground? This is around 5:30-6:30. I'm familiar with the rest of the seance and Lorraine being held back by rushing water going up the stairs, as well as Ed's heart issue.

4) Mary Pascarella said she saw/felt a young girl (NOT the ghost boy) presence as well. I've never heard that, but am familiar with the ghost boy story.

5) At 15:08 there is a story about someone falling 3 stories and not getting hurt. Ronnie's attorney told a story about a guy falling and walking out.

6) At 18:18 Kathy worked on a velvet quilt for a month before she moved in. She had the right amount of fabric and kept coming to a given pattern. But it's similar to a bedspread used in Lent in the Louisiana/Cajun/Creole region. I've NEVER heard of this story there truth to it?
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