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Book Review - 'The Untold Stories' (The Evil Escapes)

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 3:06 am
by WantedbytheFBI
Hey guys!

As there aren't currently any 'formal' reviews of the Amityville books here, I thought I'd try to rectify the situation.

I'm hoping to review all the books I have:

The AH - Anson
The AH2 - Jones
The AH3 - Jones
The Untold Stories/Evil Escapes - Jones
The Amityville Curse - Holzer
The Nightmare Continues - Karl

I'm not really looking to get into the ins & outs of which bits of which books were based on fact (or otherwise!) - just to provide my thoughts on the stories as they stand, in terms of readability, plot and enjoyment factor :D

As 'The Untold Stories' as the book I've read most recently, I'll start with that one first.

Please note; I'm reviewing the English version of the book here - I'm assuming 'The Evil Escapes' is identical in terms of content?

This book is a bit of an oddity, within the Amityville saga, being that it's actually a collection of individual stories, with a tenuous link in that most revolve around items which were auctioned after the Lutz's fled.

Story 1: A Window Into Hell
Trudy and Alice, two mature ex-college friends meet up for their regular reunion in Amityville.

On their way into town, they spot a sign for an estate-sale, and decide to see if they can grab a bargain.

Of course, the adverts lead them to 112 Ocean Ave, where the entire contents of the Lutz's home are being auctioned-off.

Alice nets a lovely, fairy-tale painting from Missy's old room, and the pair go back to Tudy's house for the night, prior to Alice leaving for her across-state home the next day.

Tudy mysteriously (and incredibly rapidly) falls gravely-ill, but insists that Alice should return home, as planned...and insists she remembers to take the painting with her.

Complying with her best friend's wishes, Alice makes her flight the next day, leaving Trudy in the care of a Nurse.

On reaching home, Alice is amazed to get a call from Trudy, who is miraculously-recovered. Tired and more than a little baffled, Alice prepapres to sleep-off her jet-lag, only pausing to hang the newly-acquired picture in her bedroom.

For the next 3-4 days, Alice suffers from the most disturbing nightmares, which increasingly erode her sleep-pattern. The only thing that seems to help to make her feel any better is looking at her lovely painting.

Depressed, tormented out of her mind and barely able to cope, Alice confides her problems to Trudy....who tells her that the nightmares bear a striking resemblence to those Trudy suffered from when she fell ill.

Trudy has also done some digging regarding the Estate-Sale, and advises to her friend of the house's history; she tells Alice to get her ass as far away from the painting as possible, and directs her to get a taxi to a motel immediately.

Although desperately tired, Alice agrees. She goes to grab some things for the night, but her exhaustion overtakes her, and she decides to take a nap first....under the watchful eye of the painting.

One, final, nightmare (in which she ends up being eaten alive by the nameless evil in the picture) finally convinces her. She grabs the painting off the wall, freaks when it tries to suck her hand into it, and slings it out into the rain.

Alice finally gets about three days-worth of shut-eye in one go.

Checking her garden when she finally awakes, all that's left the painting is a rotting, grey blob...which is eventually washed-away.

Although a little generic, this is actually not a bad story; Jones' narrative is easy to read, and he builds the tension nicely, with his graphic accounts of Alice's gruesome night-terrors.

Sadly, the tale's over before it's really built up to anything, and the resolution is a real just feels rushed, and it almost seems like Jones didn't quite know how to end it.

For a picture supposedly 'infected' with a demonic evil, getting turned to sludge by a bit of rain seems a little trite....

I'll be updating this very soon with the rest of the stories - please check back regularly!

Re: Book Review - 'The Untold Stories' (The Evil Escapes)

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:55 pm
by djsacrosanct
This is a really good idea. Will you be continuing your reviews?