Father Ray's confession?

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Father Ray's confession?

Postby United_1878 » Tue Jun 05, 2007 2:13 pm

Hi, I'm new here. I was looking at the Amityville Murders website where it states that Father Ray confessed in court that he hadn't been to bless the house and he only spoke with the Lutz family over the phone. I'm just wondering what truth there is in this and why he would do that?
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Postby jeaniesdad » Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:00 pm

I've heard that rumor a couple of times, but there is no proof to back that up. Fr Ray did an interview for the show In Search Of about the Amityville haunting and clearly states that he felt a slap across the face and heard a disembodied voice telling him to "Get Out". I don't think the transcripts from the trial were ever released so I don't know how people could claim that he said he was never at the house. On the show That's Incredible Mrs Cromarty quoted the trial saying the priest was never at the house, but the host had a disclaimer that what she said could not be proven.
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Postby Dan the Damned » Tue Jun 05, 2007 5:21 pm

Here's a couple of posts I made last December about this:

As far as ... the priest never stepping foot in the house - I'm sure this comes from a document Ric Osuna had on his site for a while (might still be there), where the priest said his only involvement was via the phone.

But the thing about that document was the question asked of the priest. His involvement in "what"? I believe they were being specific. Offhand, I think I remember the question being something like "his involvement with them leaving their home."

But really, I'd have to see that document again - I'm just doing this from memory - not sure if I have that right...

Okay, its still up on Ric's site - click here:


then click on the link on the right that says "COURT DOCUMENTS ON PRIEST"

The first document is an affidavit from William Weber. On page 2, it says, "Also mentioned as a witness in Burton's affidavit was Rev. Ralph J Pecoraro who had indicated that his only contact relating to this case was a telephone call from the Lutzes regarding their psychic experiences."

So first of all, this is not a direct statement from Father Ray (aka Rev. Ralph Pecararo). This is Father's Ray's statement as interpreted by Weber and/or Burton (Weber's business associate).

Secondly, we have to ask: exactly what is "this case" about? When you make a statement saying "his only contact relating to this case," we have to define "this case" in relation to Father Ray making his statement.

For example, does "this case" meant the ENTIRE time the Lutzes owned the house? If so, would that mean Father Ray never blessed the house? Or does "this case" refer to a SPECIFIC time period, such as when the Lutzes fled the house, or perhaps only the events of January 1976.

Or, more realistically, perhaps "this case" refers only to the experiences the Lutzes had, not to the experiences Father Ray had on his own (when blessing the house) which did not involve the family members? After all, Father Ray appeared on TV and backed up the account of him not only blessing the house, but being slapped and hearing the voice ordering him to "Get Out"...

So on face value, it seems like this statement is something major - but without seeing more/related documents, its not as clear-cut as it seems...

Then again, this doesn't seem to fit very well with the point from Kevin's site: The Catholic Church was never involved. The priest (an alias was used in the book) was never in the house and had only counseled the family after they left the house because they were having trouble living where the murders had taken place. This doesn't mention Father Ray calling them on the phone, and the document on Ric's site doesn't mention counselling.

So maybe Kevin does have some other source for this one - maybe we're not talking about the same document I was thinking of...
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