Flies and incest

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Flies and incest

Postby Paulie76801 » Sat May 27, 2017 12:41 pm

So I just finished reading 'Murder in Amityville' by Hanz Holzer. In it, there is, exactly, one sentence which claims Butch and Dawn engaged in incestuous activity. One sentence, then no further mention. And no reference as to where that allegation originated. Nothing. What the hell? In my fairly extensive research of the Defeo murders, I have run across one magazine article which also leveled the charge at Butch and our favorite victim. Again, no source hinted at, and the writing implied that their behavior is well established. I'd like to know where this crap originates. Anybody know?

Also, more trivially, attorney Webber, in one documentary, states that he possessed photos showing multitudes of houseflies in Dawn's room. I cannot find a single shred of evidence anywhere else that there was ever so much as one dead fly in that house. I've seen every photo I could find. Even the morgue ones. Can anybody verify his assertion? Please? Are flies even common in NY in November? Help!

Someone here stated that 'Mrs. Defeo' kept the house at 80 degrees F. While that would explain, perhaps, why the police appear to have opened every window in the house upon their arrival, I wonder at the source of that info.
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Re: Flies and incest

Postby jimmysmokes » Sat May 27, 2017 1:33 pm

check out my sgt. defeo thread to learn about the incest and said topic...
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