Shattered Hopes' outrageous conclusions

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Shattered Hopes' outrageous conclusions

Post by scipio-USMC » Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:35 pm



Because murderers have shown some manners in some instances that makes them not a monster for mass murdering those closest to them?

What evidence about Kelske being implicated? There is no physical evidence at all to implicate Kelske. The only alleged evidence cited apart from Geraldine and allegedly Ron was a supposed statement that Boyd allegedly gave to DeFeo’s attorney. That evidence though came from known forger and fraudster Geraldine. It was not independent of her- she and Ron provided the document to Osuna. If this document existed back in 1975 then how come Herman Race never found it when he reviewed the Defense file and no appeals attorneys ever found it in the file? If it was not in the legal file that these attorneys had access to then how could Geraldine and Ron have come up with it in 1990? Only one way- they fabricated it.

The statement is not an affidavit it is not attested to under oath. It is merely an alleged statement. Why would Boyd go to the defense and admit he was an accessory after the fact by helping dispose of evidence? That would not be very bright if he didn’t want to be charged with any crime. If anything he would go to the prosecution no defense and ask for immunity in exchange for his testimony. Instead the letter claims police beat information out of him. Why would police go find him 2 days after the crime to try to get information out of him? Especially since Ron was flapping like a Canary the day Boyd was supposedly interviewed. Who was Boyd that police would question him at all in connection with the murders? He was not among those who found the bodies, he was not a friend of the family, he was a nobody. There is no reason he would be on police radar at all let alone be sought after to have information beaten out of him. The whole tale in the statement makes no sense.

The tale though is to try to lend credibility to the claim Ron was beaten in another effort to say his confession was obtained illegally. Conveniently the lawyer who allegedly took the statements is dead so can’t refute them but unless Boyd actually were found and credibly testifies that this occurs there is no reason to believe it.

Indeed the tale is contradicted by the physical evidence. There was no puddle of blood on the floor for the Kelske to drop a revolver into. The tale about blood trails and puddles being cleaned up and bodies being moved is patently false and impossible. The bullet trajectories show the victims were shot in their beds. Police used luminol all over the floors and walls and found no cleaned up blood. The physical evidence refutes the claims. The claim of blood all over is a big fat lie plain and simple as much of a lie as Geraldine.

There is no reason at all to believe that item 33 is a different caliber than the rest of the bullets. Indeed all Colt revolvers of that era not just the Python had a left twist. It would be impossible to mix up the twist in addition to caliber not to mention mistake 5 channels for 12 etc. , there is not one shred of evidence to contradict the findings of the ballistic expert.

Dawn’s participation is also contradicted by the physical evidence. There was no sign of any struggle at all on her body. No sign of her fighting anyone, no defensive wounds, nothing under her nails no marks showing she was knocked out. Nor any evidence she fired a weapon. The powder burns came from being shot and could only come from being shot not firing a weapon.

Even if someone else had been involved, which the evidence says otherwise, that still doesn't mean he got a bum rap or unfair trial. The victims are the ones who don't get full justice if only some of the criminals who did them wrong are jailed. A guilty person is not wronged by being the only one in prison especially if it is because he will not rat the others out that they are not in jail.

The claim he didn't get a fair trial is absurd. His confession clearly was not beaten out of him, he already had the busted lip from a fight days prior. The actual confession is a long meandering mess where he kept giving lies and slowly told more and more of the truth till he finally gave it all up. Details he gave such as John's leg twitching only the killer would have seen. His claims at the supression hearing were laughable. He said he didn't provide Mazzeo's last name to police at first because he is no rat and would rather go to jail than be a rat. Yet soon Ron gave his full name and kept insisting to check him out because he did it. In fact he changed from saying he thought he did it to saying he saw Mazzeo do it.

He also insisted he never told police where to find the rifle and evidence in the sewer he claimed police found the evidence on their own and then lied by claiming he told them where to find the evidence. By the time to hearing was done his credibility was in shambles with the judge.

He was given a fair trial where he was free to try to challenge the evidence against him. He couldn't challenge the evidence and that is why he admitted in court tha the did it alone and tried the insanity defense. To say he didn't get a fair trial boggles the mind.

The evidence establishes that he got a fair trial and he was the only killer.

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Re: Shattered Hopes' outrageous conclusions

Post by Howard64 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:14 pm

Never afforded a fair trial?!?!

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Re: Shattered Hopes' outrageous conclusions

Post by Rokiisun » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:59 am

Of course he had a fair trial. Ronnie lead the police to the locations where he disposed of
the evidence and admitted that he (alone) was responsible for the murders of his six family members.

Sure, there's the allegations Ronnie made about the police beating the 'false' statement out of him -
but these stories were soon followed by, 'The mob did it, Dawn did it, Rommondoe did it, my mother
did it, Dawn and I did it together.'

Next thing he'll be saying is that Shaggy did it.
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Re: Shattered Hopes' outrageous conclusions

Post by astonio » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:18 am

If the SCPD cleared Bobby Kelske of any involvement in the crime, could not the family bring charges against the one responsible for manufacturing that statement which implicates him? You know, the one brought forward from Ms. Gates some time ago? I would think this is slander considering the severity of the offense...murder(s).
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Re: Shattered Hopes' outrageous conclusions

Post by Victoria Principles » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:21 am

Of course there is a chance that other could be involved. There was just not enough evidence to implicate anyone, including Ronnie himself saying that he did it alone. The case is closed. Anyone that Ronnie and Ryan may implicate is dead so it makes no sense to start a new trial.

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