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Re: BS affidavits

Post by scipio-USMC » Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:56 pm

Rhiannon99 wrote:
msmart112 wrote: In fact, here's an affidavit from William Davidge. It's interesting how this affidavit is the first time that his name ever appeared in regard to the DeFeo case. It's also interesting how he lived in Florida...yet his affidavit was notarized in New York...

There's something else odd about the Davidge affidavit.

The top of the document lists the county as "Volousia."

The county is misspelled. Edgewater is in Volusia county.

One would hope a notary (even a legal secretary) would check something like that, particularly with two states and two jurisdictions involved.
It can mean only 2 things.

1) It was prepared in Florida but he came to NY to get it notorized, which makes no sense.

2) It was notorized in nY not in his presence.

We already know that they had stuff fraudulently notorized so...

We already know they tried to get peopel to lie under oath so even if he did sign it then it would nto be worth squat.

I would like to add that the names are spelled wrong for Biyd and Degennaro. That makes it even less likely they are genuine and more likely they were simply invented.

These appeared after the deaht of Sigfried of course

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Re: BS affidavits

Post by scipio-USMC » Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:26 pm

I have some more comments about the statements supposedly given by Boyd and DeGennaro.

1) These documents are not notorized affidsvits they are merely statements.

2) The lawyer who supposedly took these statements conveniently was dead when they surfaced thus unable to be authenticated

3) They claim they wer eimpossible to locate is nonsense I know where they were living and so coudl anyone else who actually wanted to have foudn them but who would want to find them to have them refute the nonsense? Better to leave it unrefuted and unconfirmed than refuted so of course they didn't go to them.

4) the names are severely mispelled. That means evne if genuine the lawyer can' have been shown any ID and anyone could have pretended to have been the peopel who gave the statements. A lawyer yping this up at minimum would have asked the spelling of their names which further raises doubt they are genuine. Ronnie had a hard time knowing how to spell names of people moderately associated with the family and that certianly suggest these were inventions of his.

5) signing statements like this would make no sense. Never has anyone who gave me a statement off the record, which is what these purpor to be, agreed to put it in writing or sign it. That is th ehwole point of off the record it is to provide information for investigative purposes but they are unwilling to help and make it clear they won't help if you try to subpoena them. If you put something like this in writing then you can be subpoenaed and asked about it. It would make zero sense to put details in writing and also put in writing that you will not confirm these details if asked to. If that is the case you won't sign anything. Instead of unsigned statements what would exist if someone actually came in like that would simply be handnotes or a note to file recounting what supposedly was said.

I have not one doubt at all they were faked by Ron based on the content and errors. The content clearly is to make it look like statements were made which counsel did not raise and thus to advance the ineffective assistance of counsel claim while blaming Dawn.

He decided to protect Dawn at trial and 15 years later decided to stop protecting her because th emobsters who woudl hurt him for coming clean were all dead? Give me a break!

Not one shred of evidence exists that Dawn did anything not even fight with him which there would have been signs of if he knocked her out.

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Re: BS affidavits

Post by scipio-USMC » Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:28 am

Some other considerations are how could Ron and Geraldine have obtained these documents if they were not in the file of his appeals attorneys? The only way to get these documents would be to manufacture them if not obtained from defense counsel files. But Ron adn Geraldine produced them.

Moreover these surely would have been noticed by Herman Race as he was going through the defense file. His failure to mention them is significant it means they were not there at the time and fabricated later.

The contents again read exactly what is needed for ineffective assistance of counsel.

But the contents make no sense at all.

Boyd was a nobody who polcie records say was not interviewed, indeed why woudl they interview him 2 days after the murder and try to beat informaion out of him when they were busy getting a confession from Ron at the time? What information would they possibly think they could beat out of him? They were interviewing close friends of the family and the major people they worked with. The first time Boyd came up was on the stand in the tiral where Ron said he though t a man named Frank Boyd might have taken part in the car dealership heist.

Why would Kelske trust a guy he barely knew if at all to dispose of evidence that the man surely would know was tied to the murders?

Why would DeGennaro admit being a getaway driver in writing? Why would he say in writing he would deny everything he wrote? That has to be the most dumb thing imaginable. You say something verbally and verbally asay you will deny ever making a statement you don't write it down.

Only Geraldine and Ron could be stupid enough to write such tripe.

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Re: BS affidavits

Post by kathyM » Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:03 am


Too bad you cant post this over on Ryan's facebook page. Maybe then his fans would get that there are problems with his documentary.

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