Daily News 2nd Nov 2014

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Daily News 2nd Nov 2014

Post by sherbetbizarre » Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:37 am

Slaying of family in spooky Long Island house inspired 'The Amityville Horror'

http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/k ... -1.1995915

Nothing new here - and it's not entirely accurate - but the pics have been cleaned up.

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Re: Daily News 2nd Nov 2014

Post by BionicRose90 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:17 am

The caption under one of the photos of Butch says "Robert DeFeo Jr." lol.

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Re: Daily News 2nd Nov 2014

Post by Brendan72 » Sat Nov 08, 2014 5:55 am

We're fast approaching the 40th anniversary of the murders which explains why this article was published.
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Re: Daily News 2nd Nov 2014

Post by VintageBoy91 » Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:14 am

Interesting article, I have not read before. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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