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Re: William Weber's Hoax Stuff

Post by Amit Y Ville » Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:25 pm

kelkel wrote:
Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:55 pm
I've read a lot about this case and I've heard Defeo talk about the murders and I listened to George Lutz and Kathy speak.
I had heard all the controversies surrounding what Weber had said happened and how they made it all up while drinking wine. I really like the Warrens and wanted to believe what they had to say about the house. Something seemed off to me though, I felt the truth was somewhere in the middle.

Then one day I saw a documentary with Daniel Lutz, the son, and everything made sense to me at that point. He basically said that his step dad George Lutz dabbled in the occult the entire time they were in that house. I know for a fact that when you dabble in the occult doors can be opened and taking into account the evil that had happened there, the murders, well I think George was the spark that lit the fire. There was an undercurrent of evil and he opened a door and then things started happening there. Daniel said George had a lot of occult books and would chant and do things to conjure up spirits, that's a good recipe to call up demons. Daniel did see things, an apparition that came at him and disappeared and other things, the documentary is called My Amityville Horror.

He said that George was a showman and they exaggerated everything in the book which I believe. I think some things did happen in that house because of the step dad but I also believe they made things up for the book so it would sell. I think after what happened they saw an opportunity to make money but that does not mean nothing happened in that house. I am keeping an open mind about it because I have seen the demonic and so I do know it exists and I do know if you try to conjure things up a lot of times things happen and so when I heard what George did right then I knew. They both died very young too...
Yes I also watched that documentary tonight and some of it is as disturbing as the original story.

I'm fully convinced that house had evil in it and some of the new accounts we learned from Daniel put chills down my spine. That part where he got pushed into the wall and the voice spoke to him and Kathy is really creepy.
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Re: William Weber's Hoax Stuff

Post by Brooke Forrester » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:04 pm

Didn’t George say he didn’t know anything about the occult when he moved in though?

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