The opioid crisis/a poem

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The opioid crisis/a poem

Post by OntarioGuy1988 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:16 am

I apologize if this topic is a bit off for this site, but with the opioid crisis becoming such an issue, I'm sure that everyone on here is affected in some way, whether it be a loved one who is experiencing addiction or even yourself perhaps.

Addiction is the curse of my family tree. It was written in my stars before I was even born. I went through a phase where I was addicted to alcohol, drinking 1L a day from morning to night.

But nothing ever prepared me for when I took my first opiate. I fell in love. It was exactly what I was looking for. This was 7 years ago. I've been in treatment programs and periods of sobriety but I always go back to it. It always pulls me back. I don't think I'll ever stop. I don't want to stop. I want to be in that beautiful warm fuzzy bubble forever. Without it life is so mundane.

Hydromorphone is my drug of choice. Heroin is 2nd. For some reason those drugs don't make me sleepy. They give me unstoppable energy. I could run marathons and climb mountains

Anyways, I wrote a poem the other night. This is dedicated to everyone struggling with drug addiction. I'm currently one of those people.

You’re the love of my life
You're my biggest crush
Nothing compares to that opium rush

It started out innocent
We didn't have booze
So I took my first pill
Not knowing I'd lose
My soul after that night

It exploded inside me
And I fell in love
How can you not love life
Floating so high above

That night you seduced me
You made me your slave
You've stolen my life
You're sending me to my grave

I just have to have you
I'm still chasing it
It's been seven long years
Since I took my first hit

Always craving that rush
Being fuzzy and warm
The things that you’ll do
For her narcotic charm

But when it's all over
I get so sick
Flu times ten thousand
For 3 days it sticks

only one thing can save me
Get my guy on the phone
Get me my big reds
My hydromorphone

Forever chasing dragons
And dancing with the devil
For only sweet lady opium
Keeps me on the level.

So take me away to this narcotic Neverland
Where we never ever ever have to land

All of us Lost Boys
We’ll tell you whatsup
For I’m Peter Banning
The boy who never grew up.

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Re: The opioid crisis/a poem

Post by McDrummer » Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:17 pm

Well done Ontarioguy! I like your poem. I’ve been off methadone for almost 3 years with a few slip ups here and there but mostly well behaved. Yes, dilaudid, anyone who doesn’t love hydromorphone isn’t doing it right. Good on you for speaking up. As part of the Reagan era, Nancy taught us to say no and hang our heads in shame. No one, outta shame, wants to talk about it or share their experiences. I don’t use drugs anymore because NOTHING compares to a well opiated haze. It’s not that I don’t wanna, it’s that I’m open to suggestions since opiates are not an option and cost too much. Nothing else compares. I dunno about the laws in your state or province but look into Kratom. It has similar qualities but isnt the same. It has pain killing effects along with the energy kick you mentioned. No withdrawal symptoms compared to what you’re used to. No sick at all really. Folks here in atlanta buy it legally and use it as a an alternative to methadone or suboxone. I did use methadone treatment for heroin so, I can’t say kratoms that great but it is a good thing. Just try not to buy into the whole ‘salmonella’ Conspiracy. ;) stay strong my friend and keep your loved ones in mind and give the kratom a shot.

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Re: The opioid crisis/a poem

Post by OntarioGuy1988 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:37 pm

thank you McDrummer!

Couldn't agree more with your points. Nothing compares. It is good our society is moving toward recognizing the mental health component of it and providing treatment. That is not enough- I think it should be legalized. If addicts need to get their daily dose (which they NEED it to function and be productive) then let them, just as they are cannabis now

Yes I have actually recently got into kratom. It is not bad but does not provide nearly the same rush. It does keep the sickness at bay. I have a few bags handy

I am in Canada. Kratom is still legal but I've heard they are moving toward making it illegal in the US- some states it already is I believe. It figures- they see something that actually WORKS and they ban it because it is cutting into Big Pharma's billions and body count of misery... leave it to the government to screw up a good thing

Best of luck to you as well!

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Re: The opioid crisis/a poem

Post by OntarioGuy1988 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:40 pm

And please, if you would like to use the poem on your social media accounts or to share it with other people you know who may be struggling, please feel free to use it! :D

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