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City Confidential: Horror in Amityville

Post by Dan the Damned » Tue Oct 17, 2006 1:35 am

I just noticed that A&E will be reairing the 2002 episode of City Confidential's "Horror in Amityville." I keep forgetting that this forgettable show was a full hour, so I went to my DVD and checked to see if I had the full hour version or an edited 30 minute version. And then I started watching it again...

This episode is the one that features our lovable ghost buster pal Ric Osuna, and it seems to get most (if not all) of its information from this "Simpleton Scholar of Suffolk County." Very interesting to note how Ric states in this program: "George and Kathy Lutz, with their three children, move into 112 Ocean Avenue. Allegedly they only stay there 28 days; and during those 28 days they claim they suffered paranormal events/happenings which included green slime running down the walls, black goo in the toilets, broken doors, marching bands, disembodied marching bands in the living room, giant red-eyed pink-eyed pigs staring-in through the windows..."

For the new members, I'll explain. Ric Osuna used to be a huge believer in the Lutz haunting. Even before he first met George Lutz in person, Ric had a website devoted to Amityville and had done a lot of research on the haunting. Somewhere down the line Ric had a change of heart. Even though he announced one day to the world that he had proof the haunting was real, soon afterwards he started announcing that he had proof the haunting was a hoax; perhaps making him the first person in history to prove a story is both real and fake at the same time...

For more about Ric's flip-flop, read this very informative article (click here) written by our own admin sherbetbizarre.

So getting back to Ric's statement - its important to know that Ric knew George Lutz, and they had many long discussions concerning the haunting. In fact Ric was involved in writing a book project for George all about the haunting. So Ric knew his stuff.

Ric knew that there was no green slime running down the walls. In real life it was a green oil-like substance that the Lutzes found on the carpets - small spots on the red carpets going from room to room.

Ric knew there was no black goo in the toilets. In the movie there was black goo, but in real life the water was clean and clear - it was the porcelain of the toilets that had blackened.

Ric knew that there was no ghostly marching band in the living room, but that George had used the phrase of "a marching band tuning up" along with phrases like "a radio tuned slightly off-station." It wasn't the sound of a marching band he heard, but an "unorganized musical sound" coming from the downstairs area of the house.

This stuff might sound trivial, but Ric's whole mission was to get to the truth - to tear down all the rumors surrounding the haunting - to find out what actually happened and to separate that from the fiction of the books and movies. And now here he is talking about this stuff like it was coming from George's lips. I believe this was an effort to perpetuate certain myths surround the haunting to make it easier to dismiss as "a hoax."

And then for good measure he simply adds, "the haunting was nothing but a hoax." (Offering nothing to back it up, of course...)

Others interviewed for this program include local residents, such as Patrick Stevens, whose witty banter reaches its apex when he refers to George as "George Putz." Patrick claims he was often in the house (doing remodelling work, sometimes alone) and has also partied in the house, but never once saw a ghost. Well that's good enough for the City Confidential producers - they soon move on...

What I described above is pretty much it when it comes to discussion of the haunting in this program. The haunting is touched on only briefly - just long enough to dismiss it as a hoax - before moving on to the story of the DeFeo murders (the main topic)...

As I post, this episode will be repeated in the afternoon of October 28 (2006) on the A&E Network...

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