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The Lutzes answer questions about the haunting just before the original movie was released in the US. Host David Hartman seems like he's holding back – as if he wants a confrontational interview.

Claiming they agreed to do promotion for the movie in exchange for certain edits being made, the Lutzes join actor Rod Steiger on "The Merv Griffin Show" in 1979 to promote the upcoming release of "The Amityville Horror."

Transcript of the 1970s paranormal investigative TV show's look at The Amityville Horror – notable for its rare interview with Father Ray (the priest who blessed the Lutz home and who heard the infamous "GET OUT" voice) and its semi-rare interview with author Jay Anson.

Transcript of the popular TV show's interview with the Cromartys – the couple who bought the Amityville home a year after the Lutzes left, just months before the release of the Jay Anson book, which launched the ghost story into international notoriety.

Kathy shares some very personal moments during this interview, which aired sometime between 1988 and the early 1990s.

Following a segment of "Primetime Live" which dealt with The Amityville Horror, George is invited to an internet chat on their website to answer questions from the public.

The first in a week-long series of interviews on The Lou Gentile Show concerning The Amityville Horror starts with George Lutz, Lorraine Warren and John Zaffis.

Lou Gentile's "Amityville Week" continues with a continuation of last night's show – a talk with George Lutz and Lorraine Warren.

The third in a week-long series of interviews on The Lou Gentile Show concerning The Amityville Horror features George Lutz and Joel Martin (though the Joel Martin portion of the show is not transcribed here).

The final installment in a week-long series of shows devoted to The Amityville Horror features phone calls from Kathy & Chris Lutz.

George's one and only appearance on Art Bell, just before Art left Coast to Coast in 2002. With special guests Mary Pascarella and Joel Martin.

George appears briefly on a 2003 episode of The Lou Gentile Show where he announces an upcoming 3-picture movie deal. This is followed by an edited repeat broadcast of George & Lou at the Penn State Unicon II.

George Lutz on "Ghostly Talk" (2005) Night 1 Night 2

Interviewed just 2 months prior to the opening of the movie remake of The Amityville Horror, George explains why he's upset with this new film, and why MGM dragged him into court. Other things are touched upon, including details on how the original book deal came about, plus a previously untold story of a ghostly encounter had in the basement of the house by one of George's employees.

George did quite a few interviews in 2005, due to the great interest generated by the MGM remake. In this one, George spends a lot of time looking for possible anomalies in a 1974 photo of the house.

An email interview where George talks about how he dealt emotionally with the events in Amityville, the legal wranglings with MGM, and strange happenings the family experienced in the years "after Amityville."

In this interview, George gives a list of inaccuracies in the 2005 MGM remake and touches on what was fiction and what was truth in the 1979 film and the original Jay Anson book.

Brief interview touching on evidence of the haunting and George's displeasure of the 2005 remake.

George is joined by Dan Farrands for this interview (the guy behind the "History's Mysteries" documentary) and they talk about how that documentary came about, legal problems with the movies and the investigations of the house in the 70s.

George talks about the MGM remake, the investigations of the house in the 70s and how odd things still happen to him every now and then.

Brief interview touching on George's thoughts on Kaplan, Holzer and the Warrens as well as the family's life after leaving Long Island. A rare interview from 2005 where no mention is made of the MGM remake.

Perhaps the last interview George ever did, and perhaps the best formatted/structured.

Amityville debunker Rick Moran explains why he feels the Amityville haunting was a hoax, and why he feels convicted murderer Ronnie DeFeo had help from his sister Dawn.


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