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The Amityville Horror: Interview With George Lutz

The Haunting

"If we hadn't had the house blessed, I don't know how things would have turned out - or what may have happened. Until there was a threat like that of some kind perceived by whatever was there... the events in the house were all very subtle." George Lutz

As the Lutz's settled into their new home... things continued to occur, but only gradually. "The house was very patient... it was willing to wait", George recalled.

Mysterious and repulsive odors pervaded the home. A strange green jello like substance leaked from the walls. The toilet bowls began to turn black. Swarms of houseflies were found time and time again in the sewing room.Strange drops of black goo oozed from the keyholes in the doors. Small indicators that something was wrong inside the house at 112 Ocean Avenue.

Personality changes also began to affect the Lutz family. George would suddenly awake precisely at 3:15 am each morning... with an uncontrollable urge to check the boathouse. He would go for days without bathing. George was often sick, losing a lot of weight, and energy. Kathy began having nightmares. The children often fought and argued with one another.

Then, the noises came. Footsteps could be heard walking about the house. "In the middle of night, you would hear the front door slam... it was a very distinctive sound". George would rush down the stairs to the front entrance... only to find Harry the dog sleeping at the foot of the door. It was obvious that he hadn't been disturbed, yet George distinctly remembers hearing the front door slam. "It was the only door in the house that made that type of sound, I knew what I had just heard ".

George would also hear a strange sound at night... like a clock radio going off. "It sounded like a clock radio that was tuned slightly off station, or a marching band that was tuning up. An unorganized musical sound, coming from downstairs. At first I thought it was indeed a radio that may have gone off..."George would again reach the first floor, to find the rug rolled back and furniture moved.

When the Lutz's invited people over to their new home, many of their guests would also witness the noises, and hear the footsteps walking about in the rooms above their heads from the kitchen. "We would ask them if they had heard that, and we would go upstairs and find the kids asleep... and their would be no way to explain this".

One of the Lutz's guests who witnessed this explained to them that he had also lived in a house that was besieged by similar noises when he was a kid. He would hear footsteps, and bangings as well. One of the things he remembered was that his parents used to open the windows... and go through the house saying the Lord's Prayer. "He said it had worked for them, as a child he had done this... and it sounded like a reasonable thing." So the Lutz's decided to give it a try.

They opened one of the windows in each room of the house. Together, they went around from room to room, reciting the Lord's Prayer. In George's words, "It didn't work".

From out of nowhere, many voices screamed at them 'Will You Please Stop!". George eventually searched the house for speakers that might have been hidden, thinking someone was playing a cruel joke on them. None were found.

It was obvious to the Lutz's by now, that whatever was occurring in the house, it wasn't going to be fixed simply by them telling it to leave.

One of the most frightening aspects of the Amityville haunting was the apparitions that manifested inside the home. Kathy would be in the kitchen, and suddenly feel a presence embracing her from behind. They would also see things peering in through the windows at them at night. Shadows would move about the house. Then George and Kathy began to notice that their daughter Missy had begun interacting with an imaginary friend named "Jodie".

When it comes to the topic of 'Jodie", it was obvious to me that this was something George Lutz was not comfortable talking about. He took on a very serious tone, and often hesitated before he spoke. "Our daughter came to Kathy one day and asked her if angels talked, and started talking about her imaginary friend. Missy had someone that she spoke of, and she called this... entity, or thing.. person... 'Jodie'. At the time, we thought that it was just an imaginary friend". George continued, "You know, it's a pretty funny thought to have kids with imaginary friends. It's not so funny when the 'imaginary friends' have things that they are trying to influence upon your children".

Lutz went on to explain that, "Missy had a friend, she called him 'Jodie'. Jodie had the ability to change form, and for Missy, she thought it was a good thing. We also did too, having an imaginary friend like that, until Jodie said, 'Your going to live here forever'. That was too strange a thing to come from a four or five year old kid".

Things were rapidly escalating in the house. Again, George and Kathy would see eyes peering in at them in the living room. George raced out of the house after the culprit... only to find hoofprints leading away in the fallen snow. One night Kathy launched a chair towards the eyes that were peering in from Missy's bedroom window. The sound of a squealing pig pierced the night air.

It was time to leave their 'dream home'.

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