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The Amityville Horror: Interview With George Lutz

Fleeing the House

"The last night in the house, we knew that there was a terrible, terrific storm going on outside. Later, people checked the weather reports for the area, and say that there was no such storm. I don't really care what the weatherman said. For us.. there was a storm raging that night". - George Lutz.

The Lutzes had never intended on abandoning their home. But the events unfolding night after night were becoming unbearable. The plan was simply to spend some time away from the house... and sort things out. Figure out what was going on. So arrangements were made to spend time at Kathy's mothers house.

The events that occurred on the final day in the home are somewhat unclear to this writer, George Lutz refused to talk about that day at Penn State. Several attempts by Lou Gentile and a few of the audience members to uncover the details of the final day went unanswered. George would only comment, "There are stories about this that have never been told. They may never be told".

While researching the Amityville case however, I did manage to uncover a few details about the last day in the home. Suddenly there was a great rush on the part of the Lutz's to leave the home. During the time they made attempts to pack a few items together, things rapidly went from bad... to worse.

The family managed to grab a few changes of clothing, while the temperature inside the home fluctuated from chilling cold, to hot. Strange banging noises were heard, and the interior walls of the house seemed to shift about, making groaning noises. And... as they were leaving the home, George encountered another apparition on the second floor landing. This time.. a hooded figure that stood motionless, pointing directly at George Lutz.

At the end of the radio show - George Lutz showed a series of photographs that were taken at Amityville by investigators. The photographs... are startling.

George began by showing various slides taken throughout the house so that people could get a feel for what the home looked like. On the day the investigators were there, the house looked as if it had been abandoned in haste. Clothes were thrown about... food sat stocked in the refrigerators. Plants left on the window sills had withered away.

Other photographs taken both inside and from outside the home showed misty faces peering through the windows. One photograph showed the strange ghostly figure of a young boy standing on the second floor landing... another photograph showed an entity manifesting out of a wall, peering down at the investigators. The pictures deeply disturbed me... they had the ring of truth to them.

In closing, a member of the audience asked Mr. Lutz, "Why do you think it is important to inform people about what happened at Amityville". George took a moment to ponder the question, then softly stated, "You see... you may never go through this. But in your lifetime, as this kind of thing gets talked about more and more, and as we learn more... it's likely in one way or another that you will hear of this kind of thing. This stuff happens... it happens everyday, there are people in this room tonight that can tell you all kinds of stories about things locally, that happen right here".

George continued, "It's my prayer that everyone in this room never go through such a thing. But if you know someone that does, the hardest thing for those people is the loss of being able to communicate with anyone else about it. Not being able to find anyone that can intelligently help them. It's not talked about, it's not understood.... and when it happens to you, you become an alien to everyone else".


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