Having a problem registering? Read Me!

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Having a problem registering? Read Me!

Post by Dan the Damned » Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:39 pm

Welcome to The Truth About the Amityville Horror Forum -- the longest-running and arguably the most open-minded Amityville Horror-related forum on the Net! Here are some answers to a few common issues which may arise during your registration process:

Don't ignore the security question!

When you register an account here, you'll see a screen like this:


Please do not ignore the security question at the bottom. You will need to answer this question in order to complete your registration!


We tried to make the questions as easy as we could. If you're not sure of the answer, go ahead and use Google to cheat. Cheating is fine. Super easy. And we'll give you a gold star when you're done.

Why do we make you answer a security question? Because forums like this one are an open target for "spam bots." These little automated devils crawl around the internet, looking for forums and blogs like this one -- and when they find us, they attempt to sign-in and post links to shopping sites and other sorts of spam. Some can even be malicious. These spambots can wreak havoc here, and they clog the forum with so much junk, it becomes difficult to see the real posts amid all the spam. So this is one important way that we keep them out. A few might still get in, but this security check keeps most of them outside in the cold, clawing at the gates of the AT Board like the mutant zombies that they are.

Did you get an error message?

Here is a screen shot of a registration page with an error message:


It is important to distinguish the difference between the error message (at the top in red) and the reminder about having a valid email address (below the error message in pale yellow). Lots of people mix these up. This "valid email reminder" unfortunately appears on all pages during the registration process. It is not the error, itself. The actual error message appears just above it (in red):


Those two screen shots show one of the most common errors people get: "You have provided an invalid answer to the question." This is referring to the security question at the bottom. You'll get this error if you got the question wrong or if you ignore the question altogether. The remedy? Look towards the bottom of the screen, and you'll see a different question being asked. Hopefully you'll get that one correct...

Never got your validation email?

Immediately after registering, this board automatically sends you a Validation Email containing a special link (which you must click on in order to activate your new account). If you do not see your Validation Email in your email's Inbox, be sure to check your email's "Bulk Folder" or "Spam Folder" in case it is mistakenly got sent there (likely the case for those with Yahoo or Gmail accounts). The return address to look for is this:
And no, that's not Amityville "fag" -- it is FAQ (as in Frequently Asked Questions) -- Amityville FAQ, which is the host of this board.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, be sure to use the "Forgot My Password" function (in the "Log In" section). You will be sent an automated email with a new temporary password which you can use to log onto the board (one that you can later change in your "Profile" page). If you no longer have the email account listed with us (the one in your profile -- which you probably used to sign up here), then just make a new account using your current email address.

If you really need access to your previous account, then email us and we'll try to verify your identity somehow.
We can't guarantee anything, though, as we don't want to risk handing over the reins of someone's account to another person by mistake.

If you created a new account between April 2019 and June 2020, your account has probably vanished. Some gremlins visited us, and we lost all data for that 14-month period. Sorry.

Is your issue not listed here?

If you have any other problems or questions in general, send us an email to:
...and we will be glad to help you resolve the issue. If you already have an account, then please send a Private Message (PM) to one of the admins or moderators listed below (if you do not receive a prompt response, try sending a PM to another admin or moderator, as one of us might be currently unavailable at any given time).

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Re: Having a problem registering? Read Me!

Post by sherbetbizarre » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:22 pm

Nice work!