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Your own horror

Post by Jetstar3D » Sat Dec 13, 2008 9:20 pm

I thought I would start a thread about your own run-ins with the paranormal. There may be another one started but I couldn't find anything so here goes...Please be real and don't post anything false because you think it's fun or you think people will think you're cool. This is more or less a thread started so I could share with you my family's own personal horror, but please feel free to share your own experiences. I was one year old when my family had to move from our first house so I have no memories of it whatsoever, this all comes from stories told by my parents and older brother...

After my mother and father were married in 1973, and before my brother and I were even thought of, they bought a house on N. Bates St. here in Saginaw, MI. Typical neighborhood, nothing special.

Almost immediately after moving in, strange things began to happen. One of the first 'events' was during an early breakfast; my dad was working first shift at GM, my mom was same shift as a pediactric nurse, keep in mind they had only lived with eachother a short while and weren't used to eachother's uhhh bodily functions. My mom was at the table finishing breakfast while my dad was in the bathroom shaving and getting ready for work. My mom passed gas and was embarrassed because someone said "You pig!" (Trust me I am not being influenced by anything Amityville, it's just coincidence) She laughed and said something like "Larry, you weren't supposed to hear that". My dad came out of the bathroom and asked her what she was talking about, and after explanation, he told her that he didn't hear her or say "You pig". This was dismissed quickly as they were both had to get ready for work.

There were times when they'd come home from work to find a dining room chair sitting next to the bay window in the living room, as if someone moved it there to sit and look out. No explanation for this as no one was home while they were away.

My parents began to be very afraid to go to the basement to wash clothes. They said that it felt like a million eyes would be watching them down there and they'd get goosebumps and have to hurry back upstairs. They didn't talk about this to eachother until right before they moved.

During preparations for dinner, a gallon of milk disappeared right from the kitchen counter, and could be found nowhere.

After my brother was born, when he was maybe four, he had gotten a very bad cold and my dad put a vaporizer in his room. My brother remembers this happening. Late at night he woke up from a bad dream and just as he did, the vaporizer, which was sitting on a table on the other side of the room, suddenly just flipped over and landed on the floor, and sprayed some very hot water on him as it hit the floor. He began to scream and cry and my parents came up to see what was the matter, they found my brother still in bed, with 1st degree burns on his arm from the water.

A year or so went by of general 'strangeness' like chairs moved, blinds that would be drawn or shut when they didn't leave them that way...etc

Right before moving because the neighborhood was getting bad, and they were tired of the weird things happening, my parents found something very strange hidden on a shelf in a closet in the basement. It was a casket pillow with a name stiched on it. The name was of a man named Oscar Perry, I guess from the deed of the house, my parents realized it was the man who built and lived in the house. Later, they did a little research at the library and found that Oscar Perry died the same day, same year my mom was born...

Thats my family's experience, and it is something that comes up every now and then. Makes for an interesting conversation with family and friends. Most people get a kick out of it or think we're just trying to 'scare'. I thought I would share it with you guys, let me know what you think...

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Post by KevinW » Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:29 pm

My encounters with the paranormal (up until my baptism, that is) can be found at:

After my baptism, my haunting stopped, although there was a dorm on campus in college that was haunted. Every time I went in it, the air was thick, and I felt like somebody was always following me, even though nobody was around. According to what I'd heard, a girl named Helen had broken up with her boyfriend. Distraught, she committed suicide in the attic. The stories I always heard was that she'd jumped from a window, although when I first went in the dorm, I got the feeling that she died in the attic in a pool of blood. During my junior year, a friend of mine was telling me about what he'd heard, and he'd heard that she had taken a knife to herself. I wasn't the only one to have a feeling like the place was haunted. My friend that I mentioned above had been in the dorm's lounge one day watching TV. On an end table next to him, the lamp's shade dropped straight down off the top of the lamp, almost like somebody had just taken it off and let it drop so the lamp went up through the top of the shade. He said that as soon as the shade hit the end table, the lamp shot straight off the table and across the room. He didn't stay around to see what was next. Other people who actually lived in the dorm had incidents too. Water faucets in the restrooms would turn themselves on and off. Footsteps could be heard in the locked attic. Doors would shut and lock themselves. During my freshman year, several girls decided to use a ouija board in one of the dorm's rooms. I don't recall hearing anything happening during the time they were using it, but soon afterwards, they began to experience things in their rooms. One girl woke up and saw a shadow of somebody standing next to her bed. She was so spooked that she packed a bunch of clothes and refused to sleep in the room for a couple weeks, sleeping with a friend in the dorm I was in.

From July 2000 to October 2001, I worked for an internet company in Mansfield, Ohio, and our offices were located in an old Victorian mansion that had a more modern extension on the rear. The mansion had been used for different businesses and converted into offices. I didn't have any problems with the place except for the one area of the basement. In the original part of the basement, I always had a feeling of somebody watching me from this one area towards the front of the house. I kept trying to dismiss it as just the feeling of a creepy basement since it felt almost like something out of a horror movie (about like the first Amityville movie). About two months before I was fired from the company, I was down there waiting for a server to reboot that I'd been working on. Our HR person's office was down there, and she mentioned not liking one area in the old part of the basement. I asked her which part, and she mentioned the area at the front of the house where I'd been feeling uncomfortable. I asked her why she felt uncomfortable there, and she said, "That's where they used to keep the bodies." Apparently, at one time, the house had been used as a funeral home. The area that I'd felt uncomfortable in was where the bodies were embalmed and prepared.


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Post by Dan the Damned » Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:26 am

I dunno. I've had a few weird things happen, but I keep flip-flopping over whether they were coincidences or if they could have some other explanation. Nothing major. I've posted about them before, but its too long to type out now. One was me feeling a weird sensation under my left foot the first time I met George Lutz in person, and the other was when I went to the local church to get my crucifix blessed (the priest blessed both me and the crucifix, and at the same time, about 30 miles away, my mom had a panic attack which she mistook for a heart attack and was taken to the hospital).

There were also a few "coincidental" type things during the trip to Vegas for George's memorial service. I went there with Billy, and we spent time with Sherb, Tim Yancey, and others. It probably means nothing -- maybe its just stuff we were looking for -- but I didn't realize the significance until later -- gas in Vegas at the time of George's memorial was $3.15/gallon. I remembered that because it was cheaper than in LA. But the 3:15 thing didn't strike me until I headed home...

When Billy and I were eating at the Plaza, they had old-time radio music playing. The only song that played twice while we were there was "Cathy's Clown."

I felt a weak chest pain (near my heart) for a few moments on our first night. Haven't had that before or since. And Billy had something similar that same evening. He joked about his, but I didn't mention mine during the trip.

There's more, but its nothing that can't be explained, so who knows...

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Post by Lit de Justice » Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:08 pm

I mentioned this before. I was in Paris, and I came upon a certain area where I felt the strangest, coldest, most desolate feeling. I found out later that this was where the aristocracy was guillotined during the Revolution. So I definitely believe in places having "vibes."

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Post by msammons » Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:14 pm

I haven't had any experiences that I couldn't explain away but when I was in high school I had a frightening experience with what I later discovered was sleep paralysis. I worked at my dad's restaurant on the weekeds. It was a bakery/deli so I worked early on Saturday mornings. I would get home in the afternoon, take a shower and usually catch a nap. We had a living room and tv room. I would usually sleep on the couch in the tv room. I tend to sleep on my stomach sometimes and I would face the back of the couch. Several times I would wake up with a start, eyes wide open but couldn't move or speak. Before I would wake, I would have what I thought was just a nightmare of a demon like creature sitting on me holding me down. It would be a good five minutes before I could break out of it. I would try to call to my mom who was just a few feet away in the kitchen but I couldn't. One time the demon looked like my dad but he had red eyes and horns like Satan. I never told anyone until years later I saw a program on Sleep Paralysis and it was very similar. I told my mom what happened and she got freaked when I told her about the demon looking like my dad. My parents were divorced when this all took place.

Kevin, I read some of your experiences and I believe since your Baptism, God has a hedge of protection around you so the demon(s) aren't able to harm you. I am glad it stopped. The recordings in your dorm room sound chilling.

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Post by Howard64 » Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:23 pm

I went on an invesitgation in arkansas with a group to research the claims of hauntings at a sanitorium. This was the Booneville facility in Arkansas which helped tuberculosis patients.

While being given a tour of the facilities, i paused a moment next to what was the morgue. I looked behind me for a moment and then back to the front and realized i was alone. I heard this exhale which seemed to come from all around me.

Later, on one of the upper floors near where the criminals were kept in the hospital associates were doing some EVP work and using what is called a "K2" meter. My wife walked up to take some pictures. The lead investigator asked "is there someone here who wishes to talk with us?"


He asked, perhaps you would like to say something to Yvonne (my wife)...still nothing.

My wife then asked..."perhaps you would like me to leave?"
there was a spike on the k2...

Later when we examined the can hear a DISTINCT ...."NO"

interesting huh? We got activity all night long. As well as some pictures. I can post some my wife caught of what we think is possibly a ghost.

Let me know...
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20 years ago...

Post by vomit » Sun Dec 14, 2008 8:16 pm high school, I went out to a local river to go swimming with a bunch of friends. Well we got to the river, and lo and behold in a tree on the river bank was a human skull. We all had heard stories, that there was an Indian burial ground right next to the river (I know, I know but it's true). And here's the link: ... 03649.html

Being young and dumb I decided to take it with me. Naturally it freaked out my friend who was riding with me. Well I wrapped it up in a plastic bag and put it in a brown bag, and stuffed it into the wheel-well (it was a 1980 Hatchback Sunbird). In the car, I had the back seat put down so the speakers would be closer to the driver and passenger. Driving back to town the speakers kept going out. While I reached around to rap the speakers into action, I nearly freaked: the skull was right between the speakers!! No feces! My friend, flipped and asked to be put out of the car. I obliged drove warily back home and called a buddy and told him about my predicament. We decided it would be best for all involved to return. On our way back to the river (about 10 miles) I stopped at another friends house, and tried to enlist his help. His dad, hearing the story, looked in and realized it was a real skull. Being an ex-cop, he wanted me to report it to the police but I said no way! I was gonna take that thing back. No way did I want to answer WHY I had a human skull (again I was young and dumb). I returned it to its exact spot and returned home with my tail between my legs. Needless to say, I have had no more incidents with skulls as I won't touch 'em anymore. You think I would have learned something from the Amityville Horror!?
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Post by LongLiveQuarterMoon » Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:34 pm

Mine is not really a haunting per se. I was really little but we had moved once for dads job. At first we lived next door in a smaller house, and dad's supervisor lived beside us in a larger older farm house. I can't remember if his wife shoot him (dad's supervisor) or he killed himself. He died to say the least.

But anyway, we ended up moving to that house because we needed more room and basically the house we were living in was a shack. I remember mom and dad asking me if it would bother me and I said no. I was so little at the time anyway. I remember I was in a full leg cast at the time, and way to busy playing restaurant with my easy bake oven and kitchen set.

I can still see my mom scrubbing the floor and mopping it all the time where the guy had died. It was in mom and dads room so I was never really allowed in there. When I was older mom and dad told me that every time they cleaned the bloodstain it would come back within two or three days later. Mom said she could never get rid of it. We didn't live there long, and my parents divorced not long after that. I was never scared. I guess because I was so young it didn't bother me. Let me think that was 1979 so I was 5.

I can see that house like it was yesterday after 30 years.
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Post by vomit » Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:12 pm

Bump. Nice stories everyone. Creepy too.
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Post by shank » Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:19 am

Ok, here's the weird stuff that has happened to me.

My dad passed away in a freak accident in 1981 when I was 16. After a month after his death, I was driving his car to school and was stopped in the left turn lane waiting for traffic to clear when I was rear ended by a drunk driver. When I heard the screech of tires I looked into the rear view mirror and saw this old Cadilac fishtailing and getting ready to slam into me. Also, I saw my dad sitting there in the back seat with a sad look on his face.

A year after I married my first wife, we decided to do a spur of the moment road trip to Cedar Point. I was shaving in the bathroom with the door open telling my wife, who was in the bedroom getting dressed, what fun we were going to have. I rinsed the razor and looked into the mirror and saw her sister (who had died in a car accident several years before) looking over my shoulder and laughing. She looked totally different from her pictures, but, was very happy. I was surprised and yelled the old GI vernacular: "F***!" My wife, thinking I had cut myself came into the bathroom, saw that I was shaken and asked if I was Ok. I knew how sensitive she was about her sister, so I just said that I thought I saw someone behind me in the mirror. Several months later we were visiting her sisters grave, when I mentioned that day when I saw "someone" in the mirror. She started crying and smiling, then she told me how here sister always got excited when they would go to Cedar Point as kids, it was her favorite place.

Weird Huh?

I was in that screwed up mess to rescue the Rangers in Mogadishu in '93. Got hit and ended up on a plane to a hospital in Germany. There was some stupid rule that the brass wanted the walking wounded to look "professional" for the cameras. The Airforce guys were handing out razors and mirrors for the personnel on the plane. And Yes, I saw my dad again in the stainless steel mirror. Same sad, but, proud smile on his face.

Recently, in my old house in Alabama, and my new house (it's actually over 100 years old) here in Georgia I've had a couple of incidents where I have felt some sort of a presense (spell?)
and then broke out in goose bumps. Not just on my arms, but, all over my body, too include my face. Really freaked out my wife, she did some sort of "Cleansing" I forget all the stuff she used but, it did include Sea Salt.

Change of Subject:

Jetstar, I grew up down the road from you in Saginaw, over in Sanilac County. How is Saginaw these days? Is the Montague inn still there? Does Saginaw still have all those great used bookstores? Did the Michigan DOT finally pay off that mess, the Zilwaukee Bridge? :lol: Stay Warm!


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Post by Fr Dennis Kibbler » Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:28 am

I had a couple run-ins with prophecy.
I'd dream that something odd would happen, then it would happen exactly as I expected. I believe that is the way life works. Your opinions, thoughts and beliefs attract events to you. Maybe that's all it was.
"You told me the house was saved now."

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Post by Jetstar3D » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:39 am

shank wrote: Jetstar, I grew up down the road from you in Saginaw, over in Sanilac County. How is Saginaw these days? Is the Montague inn still there? Does Saginaw still have all those great used bookstores? Did the Michigan DOT finally pay off that mess, the Zilwaukee Bridge? :lol: Stay Warm!
Freaky tales Shank, and everyone! Thanks for sharing them.

Now, as for's really quite bad. My neighborhood has been steadily going downhill. Used to be nice here on the west side, but it's creeping across the river. Gun shots heard almost every night, but since the snow and cold weather, they've died down a little. You wouldn't believe the mess our former mayor got into just a year or so ago. She was a real winner, no one liked her. Anyway, she torched her Mercedes to collect the insurance, and got busted and thrown out of office. The Montague is still there, and is holding up though I can't imagine why since who'd want to stay in that area of town?, even if the Inn is nice. A lot of the bookstores I think you're mentioning have closed, or moved. I used to enjoy going to them and finding the different covers for my Stephen King collection. As for the Zilwaukee bridge, it was recently closed AGAIN due to construction. I swear one day that thing is going to collapse. That was quite the expensive piece of crap they built. Ok, I'll stop ranting about Saginaw, though I'll say that a lot of people are moving and my family has talked about doing the same many times. It's becoming a mini Detroit. I made this 'postcard' that I've sent to my friends online, you may get a kick out of it:

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Post by amitylover » Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:04 pm

Great stories everyone. I thought I would share mine.

In August of 1987 my family consisting of myself, my mom, my stepdad and my two older sisters moved into a home in west Alabama. My parents had leased the house for one year with an option to buy when that year was up. The house was large with six bedrooms, three baths, living room, den, kitchen, dining room, and breakfast room. We knew upon moving in that the original owner had died in the master bedroom. It didnt take us long to discover that he was still there. Before completely moving in we had experienced strange occurences but that didnt stop us.

Our first night in the house my middle sister and her best friend were going to sleep in one of the upstairs bedrooms. After everyone was asleep and all was quiet the creaking of the door to the last bedroom up stairs could be heard. Footsteps came from the bedroom and something walked down the hall into the first bedroom where my sister and her friend were in the bed.

Whatever it was stayed in that bedroom for a few minutes before reentering the hallway and walking halfway down the stairs. My stepbrother and myself were on pallets in the den where the stairs ended. The stairs were against the wall and only had an open bannister for a few feet before turning into a solid wall so that you couldnt see all the way up the staircase. Whatever it was stopped just before that wall ended so that we couldnt see it. It stood there for a few minutes before going back up the stairs and down the hallway into the last bedroom closing the door back behind it.

Seconds later my sister and her friend ran downstairs and that was the only attempt anyone made to sleep upstairs. We were constantly plagued by windows and doors opening and closing by themselves. Appliances would turn on by themselves. The toilets would flush by themselves and the water in the upstairs shower would turn on by itself. We could constantly hear someone walking around upstairs and sounds like someone moving furniture around. It got to the point that we didnt go upstairs except to go up and turn the water in the shower off when something turned it on.

My stepdad worked out of town a few nights a week leaving us there alone. Every night he was gone the electricity would go out. We would all lock ourselves in one bedroom together and listen to someone walking all through the house. When he was gone we would stay up all night and sleep during the day. One day we left a man who worked for my stepdad there painting.

We had run to get lunch and when we returned he was sitting outside under a tree and refused to go back inside. When my stepdad asked him why he said he was painting and a man tapped him on the shoulder and asked him what he was doing to his house. Our painter told him he was repainting it for the new owner and turned around and laid his paint brush down and turned back around and the man was gone. He never sat foot in the house again.

We lived there through the winter and could never keep the house warm. If we did sleep at night when we awoke in the mornings all of the doors and windows would be open. The house had a wood fence around it and everyday hundreds of crows would line the fence and just gawk at the house. They would drive you crazy. By spring we were tired of it and were ready to go. The owner let us out of our lease and in May of 88 we moved it. We had taken all of the noises and waking up with a shadow standing over you breathing on you we could take. It was never a day in that house we didnt experience something. Here are a few more things we experienced:

-We went to a carnival one night. When we returned home all
the lights in every room of the house were on. We had only
left the front porch light on.

-We went grocery shopping one day. When we returned home I
was sent in the front door to go thru the house and unlock
the side door at the carport (it couldnt be unlocked from the
outside)when I went to the front there was a man standing in
the upstairs bedroom window looking down at me. I refused
to go in.

-One night we were kept awake all night by knocking on the
upstairs windows. They only way they could be reached was
with a ladder. My stepdad went outside numerous times but
noone was there yet the knocking continued all night.

-There was a small door that went into the attic of the
downstairs. This door was located in the first bedroom upstairs
and had a clasp lock on it. The door would never stay closed.
My cat would always go to it and growl and hiss and then run
away as if she was scared of something.

There were several other small things we experienced but this post is rather long so I will leave it as is. I was thirteen at the time and this has been 21 years ago but it is etched in my memory forever. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Everytime I go home to Alabama I try to drive by the house. Noone ever lives in it very long. It stays empty all the time and I know why.

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Post by sherbetbizarre » Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:20 pm

Good story, amitylover - I broke up the text to make it eaiser to read.

Did this experience make you check out the Amityville story, or had you read/seen it before?

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Post by amitylover » Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:42 pm

This experience certainly helped tweak my interest in Amityville. I know for a fact that things exist that we cant explain. I know that the things the Lutzes say happened to them can happen. My only regret from the experience is that I dont have very many pictures of the house. I beg my mom to find out who owns it now to see if we could go to it. She refuses. She wont even drive past it.

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