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Explaining it all

Post by TheVampireologist » Sun Sep 18, 2005 1:33 am

As we all know the Lutz's actual claims are pretty tame as opposed to some claims of poltergeist hauntings (the Bell witch for example).I find alot of them as being easily explained away as normal and average events.So I will list them here and group them into three catagories with the most logical explainations for them occuring.

group one,
Explainable -

(Coldness and cold spots) - This is a large 4000 sq. ft. house sitting right on a lake front with an ageing heating system.Oil records indicate the Lutz's didnt overly use an excesive amount of oil during their stay on top of this.Logical being the country was in the midsth of an energy crisis in
the mid seventies.

(Odors) - The house sat directly over ageing sewer lines,some damaged.This on top of sitting vacant by a lake could easily be the explaination here.

(noises) - Again noises are just common in most houses,foundation settling and traveling acoustics etc.

(Toilet stains) - Again toilet stains arnt that uncommon,even black ones.Factor in damage to to sewer lines etc.Common causes could range
anywhere from "hard" water to chemical anomolies or soil deposits in the sewer system itself.

group two,
Physcological -

(Sleeplessness/nightmares) - Just a common occurence especially here.This im sure was amplified (the murders) more so at night
in their (Lutz's) thoughts attempting to sleep.

(The Marching band) - When you think about it a marching band is in no way even associated with any prior events here.This I think could easily be explained as simple prolonged sleep paralysis due to stressful attempts at sleeping.A key feature of sleep paralysis is a loud surging or in the case here jumbled noises heard only by the observer.

(Kathy's pressence) - Things I think began to get magnified out of proportion here due to stress and imagination.Remember the place where this was most present was the kitchen area,Louise Defeo's kitchen with alot of her possessions still present.Females in general see the kitchen of a house as their domain as opposed to say a workshop or garage for the male.This weghed heavy on Kathy's subconcious im sure.

(The playmate) - The admission of interacting with an imaginary playmate by a youg child (pig or panda bear)is just a common and very much normal occurence.

(Pig in the window) - Here we have someone awaken in the middle of the night alone under stress in a darkened area (backyard) expecting to find
some kind of intruder or disturbance.Due to nerves and poor visibility this could easily have been just a trick of shadow or reflection thru a window some distance away.

(The falling window) - Again a child catching their fingers in a window payne or car door is just a common (unfortunate) event that happens each and every day all over the place.

Up to this point (and this is a good half of the claimed phenomonon) - its just easily explainable and supports no evidence really to draw the conclusion here of genuine haunting.Of course any of this dosent help in alieving stress or dispelling any "bad vibes" earlier encountered while attempting to adjust to the enviornment.The following events I think were simply explainable as a form of compounded hysteria due to meditative practices,occult influence,stress and those prior expieriences.

group three,
imagined hysteria -

(Disembodied voices) - At this point no doubt the Lutz's were deeply stressed and believing they were attempting to confront a super-natural
entity by right of self applied exorsism.The key to this method was opening every window in the house to "dispell" the entity itself.That has to be at least 20 windows fully opened in the grips of a harsh winter climate.I find it more than plausible that incoming drafts could have been
percieved as voices due to simple acoustic effects.

(Peering eyes) - Iv'e read where this was actually the reflection of a niegboring cats eyes.Easily believable due to the effect a cats eyes can
generate while looking back at you especially thru a window at night.

(Levitation) - This was witnessed immidiatly upon waking up from a sleeping state.The mind simply isnt formally awake at this point and such events can easily be explained away for this simple reason alone.

The final two events I think were either embellished or the result of an
overloaded imagination fueled by factors I have already
mentioned.The "hooded figure" and the transformation of Kathy into an ageing woman.

"He took a face from the ancient gallery...and walked on down the hall" - Lizard king

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Post by sherbetbizarre » Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:08 am

What about the misty entity that staggered towards Christopher and his brother?

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Post by TheVampireologist » Sun Sep 18, 2005 6:21 am

who's to say?

It may simply have been a figment of an overworked 7 yr old's
imagination.Highly plausible when influenced by parents who
are almost outright hysterical conducting late-night
exorcisms in the house to cast out sprits.

"He took a face from the ancient gallery...and walked on down the hall" - Lizard king

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